Long Run Consulting was established in the belief that, much like long distance runners, nonprofit organizations are most likely to sustain their impact over the long run when they pay attention to their form, build internal strength, and prepare to endure the pain and discomfort of change.

The best runners with the longest careers are those who have the best form. Some will argue that we are born to run, and every runner will naturally find his best stride. In the same way, some believe that anyone with a passion for a cause can start a nonprofit organization. Just as biomechanics matter for runners, correct structure and efficient systems are essential to nonprofit longevity and impact. Many nonprofit organizations fail to achieve the long-term vision of their founders for lack of good form.


Using industry-leading tools, Long Run Consulting is equipped to assist nonprofit organizations in assessing how the form of the organization—with elements such as the Board governance model, leadership model, strategic plan—supports the achievement of the organization’s mission.

Long-distance runners can become exceptionally good at moving their body forward for hours, yet still lack in the strength needed to sustain this activity over the years. Strong hips, glutes and core are needed to support the legs and feet as they carry the runner to his goal. Organizations that focus only on achieving their goals are like runners who win a couple of races and then succumb to career-ending injuries.


Organizational strength is characterized by inspirational, empathetic leaders who support a culture that embodies strategic clarity and excellence of execution, while promoting personal ownership of goals and rapid adaptation to change. Long Run Consulting will assist nonprofit organizations in measuring the health of the organization, and developing strategies to strengthen underdeveloped components.

Great form and great strength alone will not enable the runner to complete a marathon. The runner must also be prepared to fight the psychological battle associated with the pain that inevitably accompanies the last stages of the run. It is said that runners need to run the first third of the marathon with their mind (be smart); the second third with their legs (be strong) and the last third with their heart (be inspired).


As nonprofit organizations adapt to changing markets and adjust to the various demands of stages in their own development, change and transition (the psychological dimension of change) will inevitably impact all levels within the organization. A multi-layered leadership development strategy and change management expertise are needed to ensure that the organization sustains momentum through seasons of change and continues to fulfill its mission well into the future.



Ed Wilson founded Long Run Consulting in 2019 following a successful, 32-year career of executive leadership in the nonprofit sector in Canada, of which the last 12 were spent at International Justice Mission Canada. As IJM Canada’s executive director from 2014 to 2018, he led the organization to more than double its annual revenue from $3.2 million to $6.8 million in four years’ time with corresponding growth in social impact in Canada and around the world. Prior to joining IJM Canada in 2006, Ed served as the first executive director of Heartwood Place, a nonprofit housing provider in the Waterloo region of Ontario, during which time the organization received a Best Practices Award from Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation.


Ed is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors and the Change Management Institute of Canada. The guiding principle of Ed’s life is that teams of people who combine great ideas with great execution can change the world. He is an astute observer of people, places and things, and is committed to extract lessons from every experience of his. He regularly chronicles what he learns from the journey of life in his personal blog, Lessons from the Trail. Ed has completed more than 25 marathons. His partner in life and running is Judy, a nurse case manager in outpatient mental health at London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario.

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